Saturday, November 12, 2011

Go has turned 2 years!

Indeed on Nov 10 2009 the Go-team at Google made their work public.
Go has come a long way in these 2 years, thanks to the brilliant team and hundreds of contributors from all over the world. Early 2012 Go 1 will be launched as a hallmark to the world announcing that it is ready for mainstream adoption, being stable and supported for years to come. The past year has seen a great number of refinements and additions so that Go is now faster than ever, building upon a complete standard library and surrounded by hundreds of peripheral 3rd party projects
Go has also made its way in the cloud in Google App Engine, where it will soon be equal in possibilities to the Java and Python environments.
Already now the list of business projects using Go is impressive:
In only 2 years it can present an equal or greater amount of references than Ruby:
Every day on github alone around 10 projects using Go are created or updated (
The release of Go1 will also see the publication of an ever growing number of published books on Go and its applications.
See also the GopherTimes ( for  announcements of the steps and milestones in the evolution and adoption of Go.

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